About Us

BZ-COM LTD located in Israel Represents and Distribute over 20  vendors from all over the world with a focus on Communication, Computers and Sensors& Control. Our target markets include Medical, Industrial, Defense, Agriculture and retail.

BZ-COM LTD was founded by Amir Benzeev  Owner and CEO of the company after being active in this market over 30 years  .

With a vast experience as Design Engineer in Rafael and Astronautics and later on as Sales Manager within  HP Israel and Avnet Amir started BZ-COM LTD with a vision to offer high level of products with extensive customers support and Technical knowledge.

With very skilled and experienced people we offer our customers large product portfolio , Dedicated technical and sales team and above all we focus on our level of service and the ongoing support

We serve over 500 customers and we are proud of having long term relations with both our customers and vendors .






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