BZ-COM LTD was established by Amir Ben-Zeev in FY 2003.

The company Represent and Distribute products in areas as Computers, Control, Communication and HMI solutions.

The company focus on providing professional solutions which include products from leading vendors, Qualification of customers' needs, technical support and the final logistic solutions.

Our customers divided among Industry segments as Medical, Industrial, Agriculture, Defense and Infrastructure.

Before starting the company Amir, The owner of the company served many years as R&D Engineer in companies as Rafael and Astronautics and later on as a Sales Manager in HP representation office in Israel and Business Development Manager IN Avnet Israel, the local branch of one of the world wide leading distributors.

BZ-COM LTD represent companies from the USA, Europe and the Far East with a focus on:

  • Industrial computers starting from Modules to Complete Boxed solutions
  • Wireless and Cellular Communication and Control
  • HMI and Display solution

In FY 2008 the company started BZ-TECH a brand name of the company which focus on Sensors, Control and Communication solutions which are all based on the products we buy from our vendors and the additional technologies we add.

BZ-TECH solutions include:

  • WISE – a complete platform including Wireless sensors and Cloud based portal allowing full visibility of the sensors and Remote system control.
  • WIROL – a complete solution for remote control solutions based on Wireless platform .

Our mission is to provide the customer with the exact solution he is looking for in the best terms and the best technical coverage.

Contact Us

Tel: +972-77-7756001, +972-8-8523548
FAX: +972-77-3180299
Adress: Hazait 11 street, Moshav Gan Hadarom 7925500